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Committee Charter




To improve the community lives and property values of the residential and commercial members of Brandermill by developing and implementing procedures and activities in the Community that will prevent crime and promote safety.

  1. Provide a forum for all members of Brandermill to express their views, concerns and recommendations on Community issues relevant to the prevention of crime and the enhancement of personal and property safety in the Community.
  2. Provide a structure for reporting information and suggestions from the members on matters of crime prevention and safety in the Community for appropriate action.
  3. Develop and implement procedures and activities that will prevent crime and promote the safety of members of the Community and their property.
  4. Develop and implement strategies to communicate efficiently and readily with all households and businesses in the Community about crime prevention and safety.
  5. Promote participation of members in those procedures and activities in the Community that are designed to prevent crime and to promote safety.


The Crime Prevention Committee (CPC) reports to the Board of Directors of the BCA (the Board), and operates according to the provisions of this Charter, the By Laws of the Association, the BCA General Policies for Committee Operations (Committee Policies), and any other regulations that may be promulgated by the Board from time to time.

The CPC shall meet at least quarterly, or more frequently if deemed necessary by the Chair.

Committee Policies:

Written reports to the Board will be submitted when indicated. The Chair, and each member of the Committee, will attempt to attend one BCA Board Meeting each year in order to be familiar with the activities of the Association, and to inform the CPC of recent developments. The Membership List of the CPC will be updated as indicated, and a file kept at the BCA Office.

It is the responsibility of the Chair of the CPC to ensure the smooth integration and a minimum overlap of its activities with those of other Committees of the Association.